April 18, 2014

Egg-stra Random Friday Post

Happy Fry-day, everyone!

Two more days until Easter and my mind has been preoccupied with all things eggs. Today, I couldn't help but indulge myself with egg-straordinary (?) egg puns and jokes!  

image via Pinterest. Scott Hilburn

Haha! Love anything Dr. Seuss.

image via Pinterest. Help me source the original?

I was going to crack the egg and ended up smashing it. But it sure felt good smashing the egg.

2 Be Positive

And finally...

Mr. Barns by Me

I had a great time drawing Mr. Barns on the egg. Egg-cellent...

The fried egg in the first picture turned into my Fry-day brunch (okay, enough?)

I paired it with a slice of freshly baked bread from Wegmans' bakery, and baby spinach & kale salad. 

I enjoy having salad for lunch. I usually put together whatever the veggies I have in the refrigerator and whip up some homemade dressing. 

This time I used,
- Baby spinach
- Organic kale
- Tomato
- Celery
- Olive
- Feta cheese

For the dressing I whisked together the equal amount of freshly squeezed lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil, a few drops of apple cider vinegar (red wine vinegar works great, too) and salt and pepper. Toss the vegetables and dressing together and it's ready to serve.

Today, I also packaged my original artwork, Daughter of The Wind,  to be shipped to my dear friend, Joy.

When Joy told me she fell in love with this artwork and couldn't live without "her" (okay, I exaggerated a little), I knew this belongs to her. I'm so happy this goes to a good home. 

Good-bye Daughter of The Wind. I will miss you!

I was going to be less critical and be more positive during this season of Lent, but fasting criticism was much harder than I expected. I failed miserably. I guess I will have to continue working on this. Hopefully, some day, I'll get better at it. 

Happy Easter, Happy Passover, and Happy spring break, everyone! 

No matter where you live, where you are in life, what faith you may or may not have, may your weekend be filled with love and joy.

Have a egg-stra special weekend! 

April 17, 2014

DIY :: Ribbon Trimmed Lampshade

What is the easy way to personalize a plain retail lampshade?       
        - Trim it with some grosgrain ribbon.

It's a quick and inexpensive way to upgrade a plain lampshade. 

Do you remember the blue and white porcelain lamp in the guest bedroom?

The lamp looked like this when I brought it home. It's an inexpensive lamp from Marshall's and the lampshade came with the lamp.

I'm pretty happy with the quality of the lamp except that you can see the metal frame through the fabric if you look closely. I guess I got what I paid for. 

So, I decided to take this shade from drab to fab by trimming it with a light blue grosgrain ribbon I picked up from Michaels. It will hide the ugly metal frame peeking through the fabric. It will also help bring together the mix of colors in the room.

The best part about this DIY is you can pick any color or width of ribbon you like (stores like Michaels have a wide selection of grosgrain ribbons). You can also easily switch to a different ribbon when you want to update your decor. 

Without further adieu, let's get started, shall we?

Things you'll need:
- Fabric glue
- Pair of sewing scissors 
- Grosgrain ribbon of your choice 
- Paper towel (for wiping off excess glue)

It's the easiest if the lampshade is straight and doesn't angle, like a drum or a rectangular lampshade that has the same circumference at the top and the bottom of the shade.

You just need to 1) measure the circumference of the shade, 2) cut 2 pieces of ribbon slightly longer than the circumference (about a 1/4 of an inch longer), 3) carefully glue them at the top and the bottom of the shade, and 4) Fold under the end of the ribbon and secure the corner with the glue.

But if the shade is angled like this one (the bottom is wider than the top), you need to take a few extra steps to achieve the best result.

1) Measure and cut the ribbon for the each side of the shade, slightly longer than the actual length (about half an inch longer). 

When you're done, you'll have four pieces for the top, four pieces for the bottom of the shade.

Next, we are going to glue the ribbon on the lampshade. We'll work on the two narrow sides first, then move onto the two wider sides.

2) Apply glue in small dots directly on the shade about an inch apart. This will make it easier to take the ribbon off when you make a mistake or replace the ribbon later on.

3) Pull the ribbon tightly as you attach it to the shade. Once the ribbon is in its place, use your index finger to secure the ribbon

4)  Glue down the excess ribbon on the corners,

like this.

One narrow side done. 

5) Repeat the process on the opposite side. 

Now both of the narrow sides are done, we'll move onto the wider sides.

6) Glue the ribbon on the wider side of the shade in the same manner, but here, we'll treat the corners differently. 

7) Fold under the end of the ribbon so it lines up with the corner. 

8) Trim the excess ribbon using the sewing scissors. 

9) Glue and secure the folded edge onto the shade.

When it's done, the corner will look like this. Clean without any fraying.

10) Repeat the same process on the opposite side of the shade, and it's complete!

Total cost of the project: $11 ($3 for the ribbon, $9 for the fabric glue)

What do you think? 


April 14, 2014

Guest Bedroom Update

I did a little more decorating in the guest bedroom over the weekend, and I wanted to share some pictures with you today. 

The antique commode got restyled with the antique drawings, a large clam shell, and a bamboo and jute stool.

I like the orange book mixed in the otherwise neutral vignette. I think a little dose of bright orange invigorates any space.

The right side of the guest bedroom.

The corner seating area.

I still need curtains for the window. I'd love to use any of these linen fabrics from LL Textile.

Live Paisley in Dusty Blues
Thistle in Sepia

Queen Anne's Bouquet
Queen Anne's Bouquet

The left side of the bedroom is still yet to be decorated.

An antique sewing cabinet with a blue and white porcelain lamp. 

I'm going to paint this sewing cabinet in dark navy like this.
All Dolled Up

I probably won't distress the cabinet as much as the above piece, but I think the dark navy will look great against the gray green wall.

Across from the antique commode is a queen size bed. As you can see, this side also needs TLC.

So, I went to my Pinterest board for some inspiration. 

A gray green bedroom without a headboard,

image via An Urban Cottage
with a wooden headboard,

image via Crumpled Envelope

or with an upholstered tufted headboard (this one is probably my favorite.) 

image via Centsational Girl

Decisions, decisions...

Happy Monday, everyone!

April 10, 2014

How do you prioritize your time?

I've been thinking about this for a while, and this is something I haven't found the answer yet.  So, I'd like to ask: How do you create a lifestyle that allows you to do the things you are passionate about?

I'm currently staying at home to take care of my two little boys. It feels like a full time job just managing motherhood and things around the house, including cooking, laundry, and cleaning.

And if you're a working mom, I know this juggling act gets even more serious. You basically work full time during the day, and then only to come home to work on your second shift as a mom. No matter how tired you are after work, you can't afford to take a break. Your need to tend to your family's needs.

You'd stay up late to finish the laundry so that your child would have something clean to wear for school tomorrow. It's like we moms have no time to take a break.

But I know you don't have to be a mom to have a super busy lifestyle. We all have a lot going on in our lives and "slowing down" and "doing less" have become our daily mantras while we pursue a quality life.

So, when you have something you're passionate about, how do you make time for that? 

I've recently started working on my art, and I really enjoy seeing it blossom. I hope to develop that into my career, even though I have no idea what that really means. This blog has been a great place to share what I do and I'm excited about. But I have to admit that keeping a good balance between motherhood and following my passion has become challenging over the past few months. 

My dear friend Jenn once said, "time will appear when you prioritize your time." I think that's very true. What do you exactly do to prioritize your time though, while dealing with the growing demands around you? How do you carve out the time to do the things that you find fulfilling?  

Do you have any advice or tips that work for you? I'd love to know - I'm curious. Would you share them in the comments

April 7, 2014

Guest Bedroom Seating Area Update

I updated the little corner seating area in our guest bedroom over the weekend. 

I added a pillow, artwork on the wall, and a bouquet of hydrangeas. I still need curtains for this room. Our guests unlucky enough to stay in this room are forced to wake up with the sunrise. Perhaps a small area rug under the table would help define this seating area.

The small framed artwork is a copper etching lithograph I found in an antique shop. It's titled "Mobile Home II," and I instantly fell in love with its charm. It's so whimsical and lovely! This is how it looked like when I brought it home.

Even though I liked the artwork very much, I didn't care for the faux finish of the frame. So, I grabbed my trusty Rub N Buff antique gold and did a quick update on the finish.

I just used my finger and spread the Rub N Buff all over the frame. It was easy and the entire process took about five minutes. When it was done, I allowed the paint to dry completely. Then I lightly polished it with a piece of paper towel to bring out some luster.

The finish is a little uneven as you can see in the photos, but that's exactly the effect what I was after.

Now the frame has a warm copper-like sheen, which I love.

A beautiful bouquet of blue hydrangeas complete the vignette. 

Hope you had a wonderful start to the week.